Please follow these instructions faithfully – thosewho do generally have the smoothest post-operative course. Whenever a questionarises in your mind, refer back to these instructions. If you do not find theanswer to your question, please call us.


As you were told before surgery, a varying amount oftemporary swelling and discoloration follows this procedure, so try not tobecome anxious it will pass. We try to keep these symptoms to a minimum byusing meticulous surgical techniques.


Take the antibiotic given toyou until the prescription is finished

Sleep with your headelevated 30 to 40 degrees for one week, either with pillows or in a La-Z-Boychair

Stay Up (sitting, standing,walking around) as much as possible after you return home, resting when youtire

Apply ice compresses made offace towels (not an ice bag) to your eyes for twenty-minute periods every hourwhile awake during the first two days after surgery

Avoid bending over orlifting heavy things for one week. In addition to aggravating swelling, thismay raise the blood pressure and start bleeding. It is wise not to pick upsmall children

Avoid straining at stool,which also raises the blood pressure. Use a laxative if needed

Avoid hitting or bumping your face and eyes

Avoid excessive sun forprolonged periods during the first 30 days following operation

Don’t tweeze your eyebrows for two weeks.

You may have your hairwashed at a salon or wash it gently yourself twenty-four hours after your firstset of sutures are removed. Use only a hand held blow dryer set at a cool orwarm temperature.

– Tub bathing or showering can be resumed the day aftersurgery, but avoid getting the eyeswet. The face may be gently cleansed with cotton pads.

Do not resume exercising,running, aerobics, or weight lifting for two weeks after surgery.


You were given several medications and prescriptionson the day of the operation. Ensure you take the antibiotic given to you untilthe prescription is finished. One prescription will be for pain. It should befilled only if the cold compresses do not suffice because pain-relievers usuallycause sensations of dizziness or drowsiness.


If bleeding occurs, go to bed, elevate the head, applycold compresses over the eyes, and have someone report it to us by telephone.You will probably be told to report to our office or to the hospital. Callimmediately if painful.


Generally, the body temperature does not rise above38.5 deg C following eyelid surgery. This rise is due to dehydration caused byinsufficient intake of fluids. People often think they have an increased temperaturebecause they feel warm, when, in reality, they do not. To be sure, measure yourtemperature with a thermometer.


You may wear a wig or hairpiece as soon as you desire.

– Donot apply hair coloring until two weeks have elapsed following your operation.

– You may begin wearing eye glasses or sunglasses the dayfollowing surgery. Contact lenses may be worn one week after surgery.

– Eyeshadow or false eyelashes should not be applied until ten days after surgery.

– You can camouflage the discoloration about the eyes withany RETOUCH COVER CREAM (two shades darker than your skin color) before youcome to the office to get your first set of sutures removed. Bring it near theline of incision, but do not apply overthe incisions themselves until several days after the sutures have beenremoved.

– You should probably not plan to return to work until fouror five days, or perhaps a week, after your surgery.

Even then, it might be wise to procuresunglasses with large frames unless you don’t mind becoming the center ofattention.


Before you leave the clinic after the operation a post op appointmentfor one week will be given to your escort. If for some reason this time doesnot work for you it is important that you contact the office as soon aspossible to arrange another time. It is important that we see you one weekfollowing your surgery.

Don’t build up a feeling of fear and anxiety aboutwhat is going to be done to you during this visit. A few skin sutures may beremoved with special delicate instruments which minimize discomfort. Theincisions will be greatly cleansed, and you will probably feel much better.

If you have any further questions or concerns, pleasecall the Lake Oral and Facial Surgery at 576-5253.