All 3D images taken in clinic are viewable by the referring dentist with the use of the following free downloadable windows software.

InVio Viewer Application

Cone Beam Panoramic Dental X-Ray Machine

At a press of a button the unit automatically switches between cone beam 3D and panoramic imaging modes making it quick and efficient to use.

The SCANORA 3D offers superior versatility by combining cone beam 3D imaging with three selectable fields of view and dedicated panoramic imaging.

Panoramic Imaging with AutoSwitchTM

SCANORA 3D Cone Beam Dental X-Ray Machine with Auto SwitchIn most examinations a panoramic image is the first step and provides an overview of the whole dentition. The SCANORA 3D uses a dedicated CCD sensor for high quality panoramic imaging. The unique AutoSwitch feature changes between panoramic and 3D modes so that there is no need to manually change detectors nor completely reposition the patient.

Diagnostic Software

The SCANORA 3D system provides true diagnostic value that really benefits patients and dental professionals. The versatile X-ray system comes with an integrated software solution, designed together with dental clinicians.

Comprehensive Set of Diagnostic Tools

The software includes image capturing, patient management, as well as image visualization. As well as regular image handling tools there are also an extensive range of powerful diagnostic tools. These include surface rendering with anatomic plane clipping, which is used to virtually remove covering structures to show regions of interest. Other tools allow the enhancement of the visibility of teeth, bones and soft tissue with several preset controls. Also color mapping, and transparency levels can be adjusted.

Panoramic images can also be produced by reconstructing the 3D volume, according to the selected field of view.

Valuable Tools for Implants

For proper implant site selection, accurate information is needed about the available bone, its quality, and the exact location of critical areas, for instance mandibular nerve canal or maxillary sinus. With the SCANORA 3D, this information can be obtained accurately and easily. With the help of a multiplanar slice display, 3D rendering, measurement tools, and the comprehensive implant symbol library, implant planning and surgery can be carried out efficiently and reliably.

For third party drilling guide construction the volume data can be exported in DICOM format.

Diagnostic Performance

The SCANORA 3D digital cone beam dental x-ray provides a new and innovative way of seeing dentomaxillofacial anatomy and solving diagnostic problems. With cone beam 3D imaging the image layer, angle and type of visualization can be freely selected after exposure within the cylindrical volume. Compared to conventional tomography this provides a huge advantage: all diagnostic information in the region of interest can be clearly seen, examined and exploited.

Outstanding Computing Intelligence

For the first time in dental imaging, the SCANORA 3D uses a sophisticated algebraic reconstruction technique (ART) for reconstructing the volume data. ART improves image quality and is less sensitive to the main causes of image artifacts such as patient movement, fillings and implants. Reconstruction times are super fast, starting from one minute, due to advanced computing technology.

High Technology Flat-Panel Detector

The flat-panel detector is a masterpiece of modern CMOS technology. Compared to traditional image intensifiers, flat-panel detectors offer superior image quality due to their large dynamc range, better contrast and lack of image distortion. Additionally they are insesitive to electromagnetic interference, are compact in size and have a very long service life.

Uncompromized Quality

The SCANORA 3D has been designed from the ground up using the very latest 3D imaging technology. It is an extremely versatile cone beam 3D dental x-ray machine, capable of variable size volume imaging of the dentomaxillofacial area as well as high-resolution classic digital panoramic dental imaging.

Full Diagnostic Information

After scanning and image reconstruction, a full range of diagnostic options can be exploited. The diagnostic information can be thoroughly examined with the many powerful software tools and features. For instance, a complete set of cross-sectional views of the jaw can be automatically generated by drawing a center line along the axial slice.

Always the Lowest Possible X-Ray Dose

Three selectable 3D fields of view allow the examination area to be precisely selected, thus reducing patient dose because the effective exposure time is only a fraction of the scanning time.

Whenever a high-quality panoramic image is needed, the built-in, low-dose CCD sensor can be used.

Dose levels of the SCANORA 3D are considerably less than with medical CT imaging and carefully follow the ALARMA principle: x-ray dose “as low as reasonably achievable”.

All information provided was taken from the SOREDEX website.