Our Patients Comment

“Hey,Just wanted to send a belated thank you for taking good car of me (July 26).I was impressed with your care as soon as I entered the door ’til I sat drooling in the car on the way home (ha ha).Thanks!

Ian O’Neill – former Wisdom Teeth owner”

” I just wanted to say thianks for the job you did yesterday. I came in alittle nervous, had to have a wisdom tooth removed and was not looking forward to it. But you and your staff made it very easy. You made me feel more like I was with friends than the typical practice. A no big deal everythings cool mindset. There was very little discomfort and almost none today. Now I know every procedure may not be this easy, But the way everyone treats a patient there is fantastic. I said when I got there I wish I wasn’t there, I was wrong.

Keep up the good work and God bless – S. H.

Beautiful flowers we received  from a happy patient!! This just made our day! 🙂 Thank you H.R. 

P1050382                       Thank you for the kind words Bryn!! Truly appreciated.

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May, 4, 2017 – Patient: Jean Crowell 
” I had an extraction yesterday afternoon (May 3, 2017)…a somewhat tricky one… and would like you to know that since then I have not felt any pain – not even a wee bit of discomfort.  I am faithfully following the post-e regime, except for the pain killers…not needed at all.  Twenty minutes after I got home yesterday, I was going about my usual routine with no issues.  My husband keeps looking at me and saying “Amazing”.  I am, of course, taking all the credit even though we know better.
Cannot thank you enough for your warmth and professionalism at what is a rather stressful time.   An outcome beyond all expectations.
And thank you so much for the (frequent) use of La Toilette!”
Jean Crowell