Cheek Implants

Over time, with age and gravity, we lose volume to the midface. This volume loss will often change the shape of the face – an oval face will become more square – this is due to the “jowling” that occurs along the lower jaw line. As well with volume loss, the naso labial folds and marionette lines may become more enhanced. 

Cheek Implants offers a permanent solution to the loss of midface volume. Cheek implants give volume back to the mid face – thus decreasing the jowling and appearance of the nasolabial folds and marionette lines.  

The implants are affixed to the natural cheek bone with micro screws, preventing them from moving or sagging. Although cheek implants are a permanent solution, they are also reversible. They can be removed in 5 minutes.

Cheek Implants are not a “one size fits all”, they come in a variety of sizing and upon consultation, you and Dr Chamberlain will determine the size needed to give you the youthful, rejuvenated look you desire. 

Often cheek implants can be offer in a full face rejuvenation treatment plan, with a facelift or brow lift, but they can also be a stand alone treatment.