Chemical Peel

Have you ever wished you could just peel off the signs of aging? Well now you can – Chemical peels can offer you just that. 

Our peels are offered in a variety of strengths with a variety of reactions, ranging from mild to aggressive, depending on the condition(s) or issues you are looking to change. 

Chemical Peels are an acid based solution which is applied to your face, in a controlled environment by our qualified surgeon, Dr. Chamberlain. Upon consultation, it will be determined what strength of peel would give you the results you desire. The stronger the acid level, the deeper the penetration and more advanced the results. 

Because chemical peels increase skin cell turnover, causing an increase in collagen production, your skin will feel tighter than it was and you will see changes such as

-decreased signs of aging

-less lines and wrinkles

-brighter, smoother complexion.

Chemical Peels do require some down time, typically days to one week – this is also dependent on the strength of the peel. 

Peels can often be used in conjuntion with other treatment regimes such as

-anti aging


-acne scar treatment.